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released August 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Without Prejudice Santa Rosa, California

2 giants, 2 nerds, and a karate kid.

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Track Name: Red Wolf Thermal
The stuggles of life are slowly wearing down on me grinding me into nothing
i will not give up until my life has reached its end
Whats the point of letting this wave crash down on me
i know im stonger than this
is this the end
where is the light when im always in the dark
crawling on the floor
reaching a standing point to find myself back on the ground
i look to the skies its so hard to do this on my own
The struggles of life are slowly wearing down on me
grinding me into nothing
i will not give up
until my life has reached its end
trying to find my happiness in any way i can
my efforts are not enough coming to terms with this downfall
the clouds are slowly disappearing maybe everything is worth it
finding my comfort in the sadness helped me realize what i need
give up
never look at death
The shadows always seem to disappear
Taking a look back seeing it was all worth it
you will always be able to stand again
never let life sink you into an abyss
life is too beautiful to let slip between your hands
the light always shines through the fog
life is a test and we have passed everyday so far
just because life may be hell right now doesnt mean it wont get better
take control
take control
take control
everything in life has a purpose getting through the storm with stories of healing and words of wisdom
the rain only last so long now you are much stronger
whats in your head should never be your actions
the beauty of life never dies
so stand up and tell your story
tell your story
Track Name: Architect
The thoughts in my head
Overwhelm my conciousness
Bound to the emotions that holds Me down
Pulling me closer and closer
My reality is found in my head
Playing with my own emotions
Is the plague that sickens me every time
My self loathing is drowning me making me gasp for air
I do not seem to exist to myself
Let alone the people around me
Picking myself apart into a lifeless skeleton
Who knows what comes next
Who knows if God will be there to help me
Abandoned my faith
For lack of an answer
My thoughts are the scariest Things I've ever witnessed
Another day
Another struggle
Too deep in my head
Finding my affection in the pity of others
Abusing the care of everyone I know
My inner demons
Use me as their puppet
Taking control of my emotions
I'm tired of Keeling over
Screaming because of the twisting in my gut
Vomiting my emotions on the innocent
I don't deserve this life
No one deserves it
But why do I do it
This is why I always find myself alone
With the antipathy in my head slowly killing
Tearing at my face
Slowly taking me away
Fading away from a world once loved
Track Name: Escape
I’ve carried these shackles long enough to see them as a part of me.
My new identity is on a thin veil of liberty
“You failed”
Tell me, where was the misstep my friends?
“You failed”
Where did I fall down?
Now reaching from the pit, only grasping cloud.
Choking on the lungs that I forgot about. Maybe the carcass belongs down there with the rest of me.
Discarding the remnants of the body may set me free.
Let me be.
Leave me be.
I’m trying to burrow my way out, with bleeding fingers.
Debris in my ears with the song of dissent.
Ascension never ends with the reward.
Coughing up dust, retching out with blood.
Maybe this is the atmosphere I need to exist.
Masochistic, depressing, disposable.
Collapsing into a death spam.
Release the roots!
Pull me up! Pull me out!
I have grown so desperate for sunlight that I will kill you for it.
“That's why, that’s why, that’s why you suffer!”

I am tired!
Of the climb!
I am letting go!
Release! The! Roots!
No escape
No way out
No escape
No way out...